about me

My Yoga journey started around 25 years ago in Ireland I tried my first Kundalini class and I really loved it. I was too young at the time to realy appreciate it but it did have an effect on me.

I moved to Switzerland 11 years ago and after working with children for some years I decided to pursue my dream to become a Makeup Artist. I love art and colour so Makeup Artistry really spoke to me. After landing my “dream job” working with the biggest Makeup company in the world, I quickly found out I did not fit in at all. I realised that appearance was all that mattered to this company.

Being a highly sensitive person I was disregarded and rediculed by the management for having such an open heart. These women were obviously threatened by my own personal light and power. After experiencing a panic attack on the counter I realised it was time to leave that toxic environment.

After that I took some time out for myself and practiced as much self care as possible. I tried Bikram yoga for a while but I felt that sense of community that I craved was lacking. I was searching for my tribe!

I finally went to a kundalini class that changed everything.

It was a class with a lot of pranayama and I remember smelling the nature outside after the class feeling like it was for the first time.

I was hooked!! Kundalini the yoga of awareness had saved me from burn out!

Soon after I started my 500 hour teacher training with Imagine Academy and I regained my self worth. I met beautiful people on a similar journey to me. I was liberated!!